Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH
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About us


Merz und Ewenz was founded on 1 April 1970 by Albert Merz and Peter Ewenz. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our activities from our base in Cologne.
We deal in fruits, vegetables and wines from a variety of international provenances.

We supply our European partners with fresh produce for the convenience sector year-round.
We offer services for transport and warehousing logistics.
We invite you to learn about the multiple actions we take to ensure the quality of our products the under heading “Quality Assurance”.

Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH - Marktstraße 10 - 50968 Köln - Telefon: 0221 - 37 67 00 - E-Mail: info[at]
Fruit and vegetable assortment Head lettuce Iceberg lettuce Radicchio Cauliflower Romanesco Romanesco cauliflower Chinese cabbage
Mixed lettuces Weißkohl
White cabbage Bunched carrots Convenience Head lettuce Iceberg lettuce Lollo rosso/biondo Endive Radicchio
Leaf lettuces Baby leaf salads Spinach
Rucola (rocket) Parsley Radishes Leeks