Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH
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As a family-run enterprise in the second generation, we see ourselves as a service provider in the global fruit trade. In addition to supplying our customers with fruits and vegetables, we naturally also offer the necessary services in the area of transport and warehousing logistics.

We appreciate the contributions of the high-performance, quality-conscious producers with whom we work together in a spirit of fair partnership. It is only through such close contact that we can learn to recognise the working methods and quality understanding that go into producing a healthy product. And this is what enables us to guarantee high-quality foods.

This fact, in conjunction with our constantly refined QM system, forms the basis for a constructive, trust-based working relationship with our customers.

Accordingly, our commitment and our efforts are dedicated to the entire production process through to the consumers. This spirit is embodied in our qualified staff, who are motivated to consistently optimise performance through ongoing educational and training actions.

Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH - Marktstraße 10 - 50968 Köln - Telefon: 0221 - 37 67 00 - E-Mail: info[at]
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Mixed lettuces Weißkohl
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Leaf lettuces Baby leaf salads Spinach
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