Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH
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Trading in fruits and vegetables is our core business. But we also offer you warehousing capacity for other, similar foods, as well as a variety of services.


• Storage capacity available starting from one pallet at temperatures between +2° and +8°C
• Storage periods and prices by agreement
• 24-hour video surveillance

Merz + Ewenz Import GmbH - Marktstraße 10 - 50968 Köln - Telefon: 0221 - 37 67 00 - E-Mail: info[at]
Fruit and vegetable assortment Head lettuce Iceberg lettuce Radicchio Cauliflower Romanesco Romanesco cauliflower Chinese cabbage
Mixed lettuces Weißkohl
White cabbage Bunched carrots Convenience Head lettuce Iceberg lettuce Lollo rosso/biondo Endive Radicchio
Leaf lettuces Baby leaf salads Spinach
Rucola (rocket) Parsley Radishes Leeks